About Hobart

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, an Australian state. It’s also the most populous city in Tasmania and the tenth-most-populous city in Australia. The name ‘Hobart’ is derived from the old English word for ‘Hay Bay.’ Since this city is located on the eastern coast of Australia, it’s no surprise that it gets its name from ships docking here to transfer cargo. 

In the 19th century, Hobart became a major shipping centre for exporting wool and marble. In February 1826, a ship docked in Hobart with a team of 11 horses and 2 mules. The animals were intended for the Tasmanian mainland; however, when they arrived, they were put to work establishing a colony. From that moment forward, the city was referred to as ‘Hobart Town.’ Over time, the nickname ‘Hobart City’ has become synonymous with the entire state of Tasmania. 


David’s Dead Animal Removal in Hobart Since 2000

In Hobart, David’s Dead Animal Removal in Hobart is a prominent provider of professional services for carcass removal of dead animals, pets, rodents, and possums. Our team of extremely skilled professionals has served both household and business clients throughout the city since 2000. We started in Melbourne in 1995. 

People in Hobart have counted on us to solve their dead animal removal issue. We take pleasure in the thorough approach to dead animal removal, employing the most up-to-date instruments and procedures to indicate the existence of dead pests and pinpoint their location. We can then devise a plan to properly remove any dead pests or animals from the region while also putting in place safety measures to control outbreaks of smell and flies.

Moreover, our inspections are thorough, encompassing all accessible corners and hidden places such as subfloor manholes, roof spaces, yard landscaping, railings, and neighbouring trees. With an exceptional track history & rate of success, we work across Hobart. We offer comprehensive and customized services. Whether it’s an inspection, carcass removal management, or area disinfection, our professionals can handle it all. 

In addition, we are prepared to provide you with emergency services. In general, our organization provides same-day services and accepts reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meet Our Experts- Hobart’s Dead Animal Removal & Rescue Team

A great team can be built with people with skills and certifications. David’s Dead Animal Removal has an expert team to give quick and professional carcass removal services in Hobart.

  • Team: Our team is licensed and trained by the local authorities for carcass removal. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you do not have to spend your time with dead animals. Our principle is simple: the client always comes first. 
  • Skill: To become an industry leader in dead animal removal, our skills in the service have played a major role. We have the skills to find hidden dead pests and animals. We have the skills to remove carcasses without leaving any sign of dead remains. 
  • Certification: Our team has certification for performing dead animal removal jobs. This certifies that whatever we will do will be based on safety guidelines and rules set by local authorities and councils. You will be safe when a certified team works for you.

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One Interesting Fact About Hobart

The first Australian city to have a casino (in 1973), Hobart is also home to the groundbreaking Mona (the Museum of Old and New Art).