About Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is also the most populous city in Australia. Melbourne ranked number one on The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2014 global quality index. Melburnians are very proud of their city, which they consider to be a clean, green and modern metropolis.

Melbourne is located on a navigable bay and is surrounded by water on three sides. The bay contains several islands, including neighbouring Sydney’s Fairy Tadjik Isle. Melbourne has a temperate climate that makes it an attractive place to live. The city has cool summers and mild winters with average temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Melbourne receives about 9 inches of rain per year, with occasional downpours. Melburnians have devised ways to make their city even more livable during rainy seasons; for example, during the 1930s, Melbourne constructed hundreds of underground swimming pools for its residents to use.

Melbourne’s architecture reflects its status as an international hub. Many high-rise buildings present a modern aesthetic to visitors. The city also boasts many historical structures, such as the Victorian Era Parliament House or the Queen’s Wharf Complex. Additionally, Melburnians have preserved many of their colonial-era buildings along with old gardens, tree walks and public squares. Melburnians also love their festivals and community events, such as street parades or open-air concerts that showcase popular genres of music. Essentially, Melbourne is a cultural centre that encourages artistic expression through its architecture, culture and festivals

Melbourne’s population is 5,151,000 people- making it the most populated metropolitan area in Australia and the twelfth most populated urban area in the world. Despite being so large, Melburnians consider their city to be quite livable because of its climate, cultural events, educational institutions, government structure and proximity to other major Australian cities like Sydney and Canberra.

Melburnians are very proud of their city due to its many cultural amenities and popularity among visitors from other parts of the world. They consider Melbourne to be a clean, green and modern metropolis where people want to live- not just pass through on their way somewhere else.

Carlton, Carlton North, Docklands, East Melbourne, Flemington, Hotham Hill, Kensington, Melbourne, Melbourne West, North Melbourne, Parkville, Port Melbourne, South Yarra and Southbank are some favourite council areas of people in Melbourne.

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David’s Dead Animal Removal in Melbourne Since 1995

David’s Dead Animal Removal has become Melbourne, VIC’s favourite company offering the best quality services to remove dead possums, rats, mice, pets, and other animals from a property. For this, we have gone through a long journey of 25+ years since we started back in 1995. From the safe removal of dead animals to providing the facility and all the services that are regarded for people’s better life and care, we have covered everything.

We saw that things were not easy for people to remove dead possums, rats, mice, pets, and other animals from their property. There were many problems. From finding the dead animals, their disposal at the right place and disinfecting the area to sealing entry points, we came up with a solution for all. This company started with three members serving in the Melbourne area.

This Is How We Manage Our Business

  • We offer same-day and emergency services.
  • We offer quite feasible and affordable services.
  • Using the latest equipment and modern tools, we remove dead possums, rats, mice, pets, and other animals.
  • In case you are unable to figure out the position of dead possums, rats, mice, pets, and other animals, our experts can find them out.
  • Our services are now available across all the regions in Melbourne. We have service vans that can take us anywhere within a 60 KM range from Melbourne city in 1-2 hours.

Meet Our Professionals – Melbourne’s Dead Animal Removal & Rescue Team

We have been working in Victoria, Melbourne, for a number of years now. Therefore, you can contact us with any questions you may have about dead animal removal. You may frequently count on us because our team provides services after having proper skills and certifications.

  • For quick relief, our team can work for you promptly.
  • If you ever need emergency dead animal removal, our team is available to help.
  • Our team works together across all of Melbourne in commercial and residential spaces.
  • Inspection skills of our team help us to find dead animals in secret and hidden places.
  • Our team has been certified by VIC council authorities for collecting dead animal carcasses from private and public properties.

Business Hours and Operations

  • Sunday – Open 24 hours
  • Monday – Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday – Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday – Open 24 hours
  • Thursday – Open 24 hours
  • Friday – Open 24 hours
  • Saturday – Open 24 hours

Resources: More Interesting Facts About Melbourne

According to the RSPCA, Melbourne is officially the fox capital of the world, with between 6 and 23 foxes per square kilometre in the urban area of the city. This also increases cases of dead animals, pets and pests in Melbourne homes.