About Perth City

As the 4th most populous city in Australia and the largest capital of Western Australia, Perth has a population of 2.1 million. According to the census 2020, 80% of the population of Western Australia lives in Greater Perth. Because of its high net mitigation rate, Perth has shown steady growth since World War II. 

In an archaeological study, the evidence demonstrated that the people of Noongar had inhabited Perth for almost 45,000 years. In Perth, summers are generally dry, sunny, and hot lasting from December to March, and also show moderate winter rainfall. In fact, this city on average had 8.8 hours of sunshine every day and this equates to 3,200 hours annually. Facilities Perth is famous for are parks, reserves, child-free areas, free WiFi, and more. 


As of now, Perth has more than 350 neighbouring suburbs and is divided into different local government areas that account for 30. It is situated on the shoreside of the Indian Ocean and hence became an urbanised city. 

Coming to the culture of Perth, there are communities of Irish, German, Dutch, Italian, and Scottish ancestry heritage and also a notable community of Chinese. Hence, Perth is one of the world’s cities that gained a name as a “multicultural community.”  Council areas of Perth are the City of Armadale, Town of Cambridge, City of Belmont, Town of Bassendean, City of Canning, and more. 

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Interesting Facts About Perth 

Perth is famous for the birth, raising, or studies of some famous Hollywood celebrities like Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby) and Sam Worthington(Avatar).