How Do You Dispose Of Dead Animals In Australia?

Disposing of a dead animal is important in many ways. It helps in keeping the environment healthy and disease-free. They can cause a lot of other problems too. Mostly kids and elder people are more vulnerable towards diseases caused by dead animal carcasses. You can hire dead animal carcass removal professionals to avoid diseases caused by dead animal carcasses.

There are many ways to dispose of a dead animal. There are several rules and ways to dispose of dead animals in every country. Some of the best ways are given below that are followed in Australia. Read on to know more in detail about how you dispose of dead animals in Australia. 

Take Care Of The Safety- 

The most important thing to take care of while removing dead animal carcasses is safety. When it comes to safety there are several things to consider and the most important thing is the PPE kit. The PPE kit includes all the safety gear that helps in keeping you safe from bacteria and germs. The most important safety gear for animal carcasses removal is- 

  • Gloves
  • Leather or Rubber boots
  • Clothes to cover exposed skin
  • Eye protection glasses
  • P2 face mask.

Importance Of Disposal Of Dead Animals- 

  • To Avoid Diseases- Diseased animals usually attract a lot of diseases and infections. Some of the most common diseases caused by animal carcasses are the Hendra virus, Anthrax, botulism and others. To avoid these diseases, it is important to dispose of the dead animals as soon as possible. 
  • To Avoid Scavengers- Scavengers are the main problems you will face if there are any carcasses in your house. They can sense the smell and travel from a long distance too. To avoid them, you must get the carcasses removed on time. 
  • To Avoid The Bacteria- Bacterias are of many types and they can grow in large numbers wherever they find food and other resources. To avoid such bacteria and germs from growing in your house, you must get the carcasses out as soon as possible. 
  • To Avoid Bad Smell- If the carcass is present for more than a day, there are many chances you might get a very bad smell. To avoid such a bad smell, you must hire professionals and get it removed quickly. 

Ways To Dispose Of Dead Animals In Australia- 

  • Burial- Burial is one of the best options to dispose of an animal carcass. It can be both on-site and off-site depending upon the availability of land and equipment. If there are pits constructed and managed correctly, you can go for the burial of carcasses. 
  • Licensed Landfills- This is the most preferred option for the burial of dead animals. It is inexpensive and effective at the same time. One of the main advantages of licensed landfills is that they are approved to receive all the animal carcasses and have an infrastructure to manage contaminant issues.
  • Composting- It is a natural method in which beneficial microorganisms decompose and transform the carcasses into useful products that are safe for the environment. Although composting needs to be managed correctly as it is a time-consuming process. 
  • Cremation- In this process, you can dispose of dead animals in Australia by burning the carcasses. In this process, all the safety measures should be taken care of and require sufficient airflow to achieve the hottest fire to burn the carcass properly. Cremation can sometimes be a safety issue, mostly in summer when the temperature is very high. 

Dead Animal Removal Service: Available For Safe Disposal 

Dead animals can pose a sudden issue and cause many problems. It can be unexpected and messy. As soon as you find any carcass of a dead animal in or around your property, you have to call for professional help as soon as possible. It will help you to relax and avoid all kinds of diseases and infections that can be caused by dead animals. You should never try to handle animal carcasses without proper knowledge and experience. 
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