What Do Vets Do With Dead Dog’s Body?

In case you are wondering what vets do with dead dogs’ bodies then we have your answer. You can’t keep your pet when he or she is dead, either you have to bury them or cremate them. But what if your pet dies at the vet? Then what do vets do with dead dogs’ bodies? Do they bury the dog? There are many options available for you. You can decide based on your condition. 

What Do Vets Do With Dead Dog’s Body?

Here is what vets do when your dog is dead at the veterinary hospital:

  • Inform you 

When your dog dies at the vet, the vet informs the owners of the dog about the death of their dog. Moreover, the vet also informs about the disposal services the owner needs to know regarding their dog. Also, the vets try to understand if you need your dog to be cremated by yourself. So, you can come and take it from the vet. 

  • Medical universities

With the owner’s consent, the body can be given to the local universities with veterinary and medical programs. They can bury or cremate the dog’s body as the owner wishes to do. Moreover, giving full respect to the pet’s body is what the vet believes in. 

  • Cremate the body 

If the owner asks the vet for their dog’s body to be cremated, the vet would proceed with your request. Usually, the vet won’t ask you about this, you have to inform your vet regarding your wishes for your dog. Moreover, if you request, the vet hands over the dog to you after sterilizing, bathing and gluing shut eyes, wrapped in a blanket and placed in a box. 

The other choice you have is cremating your pet’s body alongside other animals as well. Sometimes, with the issues of space, the vet might suggest this option as well. Secondly, the amount of air pollution is also to be considered, therefore cremating with other carcasses in groups eases the air quality. 

  • Burning the body 

In many cases, vets suggest burning the body. Choosing to burn the body of your pet is also considered a good job. You can choose a gravesite in a group or individually. Your options can be a grave, mausoleum or crypt for your pet’s body. 

  • Getting the ashes

If vets cremate the body of your dog, then you can collect the ashes of your pet dog. The vet usually places it in an urn and puts a tag on it. You can collect this and take it home. But, if you cremate the dog in a group then it’s not possible to get the dog’s ashes. 

  • Donating the body 

Not everyone will like to do this, but if you wish to donate your pet’s body to a medical institution for studies then it can be an option to be considered. It aids medical students to study and help other pets and animals. 


Hope you got the answer to what the vets do with a dead dog’s body. When your dog dies, the vet can give you options like cremating the body of your pet dog, burying the dog, call to dead dog removal services etc. Moreover, you can take your dead dog home as well. Also, donating a dog’s body to the local veterinary medical university helps them study and help other dogs. This is how you can show your love for your dead pets.